When you need a commercial or residential electrician Windsor CT, call All Light Electric. We provide residential and commercial clients with professional electrical services. From electrical service improvements and panel upgrades to complete electrical rewiring, you can be assured of a professional job. If your circuit breaker and electrical service have not been inspected in the past ten years, give us a call. Appliances and electronic devices may not operate properly with an outdated service. Above all else, you want your home or building to be safe and electrically sound.

Within the last twenty years, modern households have acquired a plethora of electronic equipment.  Gaming consoles and computers, large flat panel televisions, devices like printers, gaming equipment, routers, wifi, voip phone and security systems are a permanent part of our lives now. Although our modern appliances are more energy efficient, they require a stable energy supply. Of course, the addition of a hot tub, spa or swimming pool all require electrical installation by a licensed electrician.

All Light Electric currently service residential and commercial clients in Windsor, South Windsor, East Windsor and Somers CT. Call us at 860-818-7276 for any electrical or wiring questions. We look forward to meeting you.


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