All Light Electric is your expert commercial electrician Simsbury CT. Our experts are equipped for all jobs- whether you need a comprehensive new wiring system for an old or new building, we can expertly complete any job.

Our commercial and residential service offerings include, rewiring for remodels, electrical panel upgrades, indoor/outdoor lighting, security lighting, generators, fan and exhaust installations, and electrical outlet installs. Before having any work performed on your commercial property, it is essential to have a licensed electrician safely inspect the property and its electrical panel. You may be asking yourself, what even is an electrical panel anyways? Electrical panels, also called breaker panels or distribution boards, are essentially the heart of your home’s electric system- the place where your electricity power is divided up and sent to various circuit breakers.

Why is it  important to upgrade your home’s electrical panel? Well, if you have an older home or system, the amount of power required to use certain appliances and devices can cause there to be an overload on the panel. If this happens, a fire could be started. Here are a few indications that you may need to update your system; you have an older home with a panel over 20 years old, flickering lights, appliances running not at full power, and breakers frequently being “tripped”.

Did you know, insurance companies may not insure a home or building unless the electrical panel is modern and safe? When your property in Simsbury, CT or the greater Hartford area requires electrical work, contact the dedicated professionals at All Light Electric. All Light Electric is the company to call for electrical questions. Call us at 860-818-7276 for any electrical or wiring questions. We look forward to meeting you.


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